Let’s make YOUR Physical & Mental Health a Life Priority.

Prioritise life by making YOUR health a life priority. Our team:

  • Supercharge your energy levels and vitality to make life more fun
  • Help boost your protection from life-threatening chronic diseases
  • Jumpstart your natural immunity so you get sick less often
  • Listen to your concerns, stress and tensions for you to vent in a positive way

Direct line: 0117 374 7400 

Get clear direction with a Personalised Plan

We will direct and manage your health and fitness, giving a focused long term plan – advising and guiding you on what you should be doing, how to do it and why.

Grow your mindset by being and feeling fitter

Feeling your best is a big part of thinking your best and we have the experience, knowledge and skillset to help grow your mind and body for the future

Strengthen your protection from chronic disease

With the right training and resources we will increase your natural protection from life-threatening chronic diseases and keep you away from the GP.



The greatest jolt you can give your life is to put YOUR health and mentality first.

YOUR health is the foundation of your life. That’s why our PT’s and Health Coaches proactively train, coach and support you, so you can spend more energy on the most important things in life without feeling so tired.

No un-necessary contracts to sign. Just a quick, easy on-boarding process that is rewarding and fun.

We know people get uncomfortable with long-term paper-based contracts. That’s why we prefer a trust based relationship contract that hands back the control to you.

We Listen..

Initial chat with a Coach so we can understand your current challenges and listen to your unique story.

We Advise..

We present and advise you on the personal coaching solutions best suited to you from the first meeting.

You Choose..


With our guidance you choose the solution that best suits your needs, goals and personal life.

You Start..

Once you’re happy and as soon as you want to make a start we book you in for the first  assessment.

“I have always been healthy and fit but I needed a new challenge and someone to guide me and push me a little more than I can myself.

At first I was a little concerned about the extra cost I would need to spend to work with Rich, but I have now been coaching for around 24 months that to me says it’s worth the value.

The personal strength, health and fitness outcomes have been great but the most surprising benefit was how it has helped boost my business. I feel more focused, energised and able to cope when the pressure comes on, which transcends into better value for my clients”.

Ann Hodgetts

Freelance Engineer

Targeting the Source of Sickness Absence and delivering Long-term Outcomes.

Employee Wellbeing is accelerating up the agenda for UK CEO’s and Human Resources and Learning and Development Managers are now expected to strategically prioritise and consistently execute employee wellbeing initiatives at a higher level than pre COVID-19. 

Using Health Coaching we can deliver long-term health outcomes to individual employees, and provide third party support and guidance to HR managers.

We do this in 3 distinct ways.

We help reduce fire fighting by fostering a deeper change culture to get to the source of serial sickness leave

We help support and advise line managers in how to best sell the Health Coaching program to the highest at risk employees

We help inspire HR personnel to lead from the front by championing the benefits of Personalised Health Coaching

We reduce costly fire fighting by fostering an empowering change culture

We support line managers to sell health coaching to the most in need

We inspire managers to champion the benefits of personalised health coaching

4 Simple Steps to Healthier Staff

Overcoming your biggest health concerns with preventative outcomes that jumpstart your health.

Improving health in a preventative way through movement and exercise helps us to break free of the shackles of sickness and disease and positively impact our futures. 

Having a clear plan toward personal health and wellbeing as well as a clear vision, is a powerful combo to fully engage and inspire our brains to act.

Our team of Advanced Personal Trainers and Health Coaches work with you to give the support and health insights you need to reach a new, higher physical potential and health mentality, integrating new health plans seamlessly into your daily schedule.   

Our health team will work tirelessly to increase your energy levels so you can work easier and recover quicker from stress.

Our PT’s will encourage and push you to new limits so you get the results in the most efficient possible time with accountability.

Our Health Coaching calls will ensure all 5 pillars of human health are coached and actioned upon for longevity and happiness.

The CIPD’s View..

“Many companies are investing resources in employee wellbeing without realising the benefits. More will realise a greater return if they take a systematic and more preventative stance on wellbeing”

Rachel Suff, Senior Policy Advisor CIPD

The IES’s View..

“Even the most leading-edge UK employers with the most sophisticated IT systems and HR functions appear fundamentally ill-equipped to form a comprehensive view of their sickness absence costs”

Report 382 by S Bevan & S Hayday, Institute of Employment Studies IES

The IPPR’s View..

“Before and after COVID-19 pandemic onset of physical or mental ill health increased the likelihood of employment exit across all working ages”

Commission Report on Health and Prosperity 2023, Insitute for Public Policy Research

The HSE’s View..

“Ill health causes the biggest proportion of total costs at £13.1 billion to Great Britain with injury costs around £7.7 billion. Ill health cases typically result in more time off work, which drives higher total costs”

UK Health and Safety Executive HSE Costing Model 2021/22

Your brain acts like a muscle, it physically grows and develops stronger connections the more movement & exercise you give it. 

The current UK reality.


People not doing minimum physical activity target (UKActive 2023)

Minimum recommended physical activity time p/week (Chief Medical Officer)


People saying Mental Health is main reason for being more active (UKActive 2023)

Subscription Plans.

Unlimited Health Management

Let us fully manage your health, fitness & wellbeing for unlimited results and benefits.

  • Unlimited Personal Training sessions every month
  • Unlimited Health Coaching calls every month
  • 12 week rolling Health and Fitness Plan with App integration
  • Dietician Coaching call and Nutrition Plan every month
  • Massage Therapy session every month
  • Physiotherapy treatment on demand 1st FREE
  • Mindset Management Coaching every month

Build YOUR Own

Explore your options and collaborate with us to build you a Preventative Health Plan.

Choose from:

  • Personal Training sessions
  • Health Coaching calls
  • 12 week rolling Health and Fitness Plan with App integration
  • Dietician Coaching calls and Nutrition Plans
  • Massage Therapy sessions
  • Physiotherapy treatments
  • Mindset Management Coaching

Personal Stories. Unique Results

My work:life balance was out of whack!

“Whilst building a successful business I let my health slip. I hooked up with Strealth with Rich as my Coach, after much work around exercise habits, I have now got my health back on track and am looking forward to the future with a more sustainable work:life balance”.                  Jordan, PCSES Ltd

Busy Mum and Freelancer with no Structure

“I have always enjoyed exercise, however my approach to fitness was never very structured as it had to fit in around my busy life as a freelancer and mum.
In my 40s I started developing knee pain when jogging, and knew I needed to do some more regular strength training but didn’t know where to start.
Rich was recommended to me by a friend, and amazingly we have been training together for 10 months now and I am the strongest I have ever been.  No two sessions are ever the same, but they are always challenging and fun – I particularly love learning new skills like handstands, pull ups and monkey bars which I’ve always wanted to learn, but thought was probably too late!
Rich is experienced, knowledgeable, encouraging and a great motivator and I’d recommend him to anyone, wherever they are on their fitness journey”. Ann, Freelance engineer


Weekend Warrior that needed a Performance Coach

“I came to Strealth having done some work previously with the owner. I was training for a marathon but didn’t like the muscle mass I was loosing as a result. I quickly got in touch and we soon started a program of functional performance training to start increasing my lean muscle again. My coaching at Strealth has been just what I needed and I will be carrying on with future goals in mind”. Sulli, Business Developer  

It’s time to prioritise YOU for better health, certainty & personal success in 2024/25 and beyond..

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