Workplace Wellbeing and Health Coaching for Staff that Need a Little More.

We Reduce the Financial and Human Impact of Rising Staff Sickness, Poor Engagement and Recruitment Churn with a Practical, Inside-Out Health Coaching Solution to Empower Staff and give Strategic Insight to Human Resources Managers.

Slash Costs

Every 20/100 of your people are causing 80% of your total sickness costs

We Coach and empower your highest at risk staff for long-term measurable returns and health outcomes


Supercharge Staff

Staff engagement is suffering and productivity levels dwindling 

We build resilience in your hardest to reach staff and support your high achievers to ensure they keep excelling

Boost Retention

Staff turnover is a costly front line issue with loyalty a quality of the past 

We reduce your churn by holding onto your best and attracting the talent you really need by delivering a point of difference


Targeting the Source of Sickness Absence to deliver Long-term Outcomes for Human Resources Managers.

Employee Wellbeing is accelerating up the agenda for UK CEO’s and Human Resources and Learning and Development Managers are now expected to strategically prioritise and consistently execute employee wellbeing initiatives at a higher level than pre COVID-19. 

Using Health Coaching we can deliver long-term health outcomes to individual employees, and provide third party support and guidance to HR managers.

We do this in 3 distinct ways.

We help reduce fire fighting by fostering a deeper change culture to get to the source of serial sickness leave


We help support and advise line managers in how to best sell the Health Coaching program to the highest at risk employees

We help inspire HR personnel to lead from the front by championing the benefits of Personalised Health Coaching

“Many companies are investing resources in employee wellbeing but are not fully realising the benefits. More will realise a greater return on their investment if they take a systematic and more preventative approach”

Rachel Suff, Senior Policy Advisor CIPD

UK Wellbeing Statistics

Sickness days lost per annum (UK 2022)


Annual salary bill spend on absence (UK 2022)

Av. Days sickness per employee (UK 2022)

Let’s Lead with Health Coaching for more Certainty and Less Stress over Staff Sickness Costs in 2024/25