“Just Show Up and Do”: The Suprising Attitude of Successful Athletes
July 8, 2024

When it comes to improving an athletes strength and conditioning (S&C) there’s a consistent prevailing attitude that seems to set the successful athletes apart from the rest. This attitude is:

“Just show up and do”.

This simple, effective attitude is about more than mere attendance; it embodies commitment, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, traits of which every sports coach desires from their athletes.

So what is it about the “Just show up and do” attitude that seems to work?

The Power of Consistency


A. Showing Up

Consistency is the cornerstone of athletic success. By showing up to every training session, practice, and game, athletes build a foundation of discipline. Regular participation leads to incremental improvements that, over time, result in significant gains. Whether hitting the gym at 6 AM or never missing a team meeting, showing up consistently sets the stage for progress.

B. Doing the Work

Once there, the next step is doing the work. This means pushing through the tough workouts, embracing the grind, and giving 100% effort every time. It’s about maintaining focus and intensity, even when it’s tempting to hold back. For S&C athletes, this translates to lifting heavier, running faster, and enduring longer. For sports team players, it means perfecting techniques, enhancing teamwork, and strategizing effectively.

Building Mental Toughness


C. Mental Toughness

The “Just show up and do” attitude also fortifies mental toughness. Athletes face numerous challenges, from physical fatigue to psychological pressure. By adhering to this mindset, they develop resilience. Every time they show up and push through adversity, they’re training their minds to handle stress and setbacks better.

D. Overcoming Obstacles

There will be days when motivation wanes or when external circumstances make it hard to show up. However, the athletes who excel are those who overcome these obstacles. They understand that progress is not always linear and that setbacks are part of the journey. By showing up regardless of the situation, they cultivate an unbreakable spirit.

Creating a Winning Culture


E. Accountability and Support

For sports teams, the collective adoption of this attitude fosters a winning culture. When every team member is committed to showing up and doing the work, it creates an environment of accountability and support. Team dynamics improve, and a shared sense of purpose drives everyone to perform at their best.

F. Leadership and Inspiration

Leaders on the team, play a crucial role in promoting this attitude. Coaches and captains who consistently show up and lead by example inspire others to do the same. Their dedication and work ethic become contagious, elevating the entire team’s performance.

So how can Strealth Performance Coaching Help?


We understand and personally live by the attitude of“Just show up and do”.

This is why our programs and coaching are designed to support athletes and sports teams in embracing this attitude.

Within this support, we offer:

  • Customised Training Plans: Tailored to meet individual and team goals, ensuring everyone has a clear path to follow.
  • Continuous Support: Regular check-ins and adjustments to keep athletes on track.
  • Mental Coaching: Strategies to build resilience and mental toughness, essential for maintaining consistency.

Embrace the “Just show up and do” attitude with Strealth Performance Coaching and watch your players performance soar. Visit Strealth Health Coaching to learn more and get started on your journey to greatness.

Stay committed, stay consistent, and let’s achieve greatness together!

Unitl next time,

Strealth S&C Coaching Team