Fed up of feeling anxious and uncertain when trying to lift weights on your own?

More than 70% of new lifters hurt themselves within the first 6 weeks. Reduce this risk with our Beginners Olympic Lifting Course this JULY..

  • Boost your confidence so you lift weights safely & effectively for life
  • Learn new skills to invest in your future strength and mobility
  • Give your body & brain a kickstart it needs to level up your training
  • Never be scared again of entering a weights area by learning complex movements that impress and look great
Book via Email: mark@strealth.co.uk
Book via phone: 0117 374 7400 

A LEARN2LIFT 6 Week Olympic Lifting Course based in Ashton Vale, BS3

3 outcomes that will transform your future choices in the gym.

  1. We will teach you never to be frightened again when lifting up a barbell in your gym
2. We will arm you with the skills and techniques to always feel confident over or under the bar

3. We will coach and support you all the way with our guidance and knowledge of best lifting practices

BONUS ADD ON: FREE 6 Week Online Lifting Program on App

Enjoy access to a 6 week online lifting program built to help support, align and supplement the coaching we give you, whilst keeping you accountable for your weekly practice.

Learning new movement engages your body and brain to work in tandem, giving you a well needed boost to your co-ordination, awareness and balance.

Challenge YOUR body and brain in a unique way

The movements and complex lifting patterns we teach will challenge your co-ordination, balance and proprioception, whilst making it fun and engaging to lift weights in a group.

Develop a NEW set of skills to use in the gym

Learning skills that ensure life-long strength and mobility is exciting and hard to put a price tag on.. Plus it’s great to look like you know what your doing in the gym in front of on-lookers!

Experience a unique feeling from our Coaching

It’s hard to feel valued and inspired in a big commercial type gym. We’re unique..we have a personal functional gym space to work in, where we know your name and understand your goals.



A simple one-off payment for 6 weeks of progress.

To secure your 1 of 6 spaces available on this course simply fill out the contact form with your details and our Head Coach Mark will be in touch to arrange payment and answer any questions.

What’s included in this 6 week course?

LEARN2LIFT - Beginner Back to Basics Course

This Learn2Lift course will build your confidence and certainty over 6 weeks and teach you life long lifting skills.

Course benefits:

  • Weekly Lifting sessions with a Level 4 Personal Coach in Strength & Conditioning giving you the certainty you’re in expert hands 
  • Working from a professional, engaging and fun private gym that will bring the best out of your body and brain
  • Small course numbers with up to 6 places available so you get uber high value & personal attention for your money
  • Course material written to a professional standard with regressions and progressions baked in so you can learn at your own speed
  • A FREE 6 week Olympic lifting program hosted on a professional coaching application called TrueCoach so you can practice the skills learnt outside of the weekly group sessions
  • Nutritional advice and guidance to supplement and support your new training routine so you feel amazing after each session 
  • A peer group led support group via what’s app so you can enagage and keep your course buddies accountable making you more likely to complete the course 100%







STARTING Tuesday 2nd July 2024


Brook Gate Trading Estate, Ashton Vale, BS3





Are you an early bird type a person?



SAVE ££ with our June EARLY BIRD

Reserve your course place before 26th June to unlock YOUR 30% off!

That’s £63.00 (£90.00 full price) when booking before the 26th June cut off..

but unfortunately there is a caveat..

Due to the personal coaching required for this course we only have 6 places available, so don’t miss out if you feel it’s for you.

Book via email: mark@strealth.co.uk

Book via phone: 0117 374 7400

Local residents offer
Live in BS3?..

..We have special offers exclusive for you. Quote “BS3 local” when you enquire to unlock.

Or drop into the studio on 177 South Liberty Lane, Ashton, BS3 2TN for a chat.

Ask for Rich or Mark.

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