Athlete Pre-season Perform Better Program – Sports-Specific


Let our Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coaches build you a Sports-Specific Athlete 8 Week Pre-season Perform Better Program based around your sporting needs and personal athletic goals.
This gives you full access to our Professional S&C Coaching app on the TrueCoach platform for continued coaching, support and guidance over the pre-season program.

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This 8 Week Online Sports-specific Program is a sure fire way to experience noticeable gains in muscle size, strength, speed and explosive power during the off-season and pre-season blocks specific to your sport.

Whether you are looking to reduce fat, build lean muscle, increase acceleration, be more agile, or just generally tick all the boxes our Level 4 Coaches will design you a personal sports-specific 8 week program block based around your athletic goals and sporting requirements.

What you can expect from the Program:

– An instructional sheet on how to best use the Coaching Application for optimal results and tracking metric potential over your program duration
– Program updates with Progressions every 4 weeks
– Video demo’s attached to every exercise prescribed
– Clear information on sets, reps, rest periods for every exercise
– Concise technique cues for every exercise where applicable

Once purchased you will receive:

– 1 x on-boarding introduction call with a Coach to chat about your health needs and goals for the program. This will also give you chance to ask any questions about the program and the App.
– 1 x invitational email to create a TrueCoach login
– 1 x instructional sheet on how to best use TrueCoach
– 1 x 8 Week Perform Better Program based around your sport and athletic goals fleshed out during the initial on-boarding call
– 1 x off-boarding call with a Coach to evaluate your pre-season progress and to give feedback about the overall service and program for future improvements

Unsure if this Athlete Perform Better program is right for you? Contact our Head Coach or Call us directly 0117 374 7400.


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