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Health Coaching Plans


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100% Investment back after Month 3 if not satisfied*

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Health Coaching?

Heath Coaching is an inside-out program of coaching providing individuals with an integrated health plan and a dedicated 1-1 Health Coach.

The objectives are to educate, advise and guide on a weekly basis the most effective strategies and tools to improve the health, fitness and wellbeing of the individual.

Health Coaching encourages healthy habit formation and long-term behaviour change by coaching the mindset, skillset and toolset to attain meaningful outcomes to a persons life.

Why does it work?

Health Coaching is effective because it uses a whole-person approach to health and wellbeing, which takes into consideration the impact the mind, body, heart and spirit has on a persons ability to change.

In reality this means the Coach and Client work through the most effective and realistic approaches to improved health, to ensure any suggestions of behaviour change can be aligned and integrated into a persons life.

What is involved?

Health Coaching can take many different paths, but here at Strealth we like frequent touch points with clients using weekly health coaching calls either on the phone or video call to deliver our coaching principles to clients, whilst also building a health plan with the client to create a roadmap to success.

We also use an app to help deliver weekly health habits, nutrition and exercise plans, alongside direct chat functionality and adherence/metric tracking data for on-going accountability scores.

Who will help me?

All clients will have a dedicated 1-1 Health Coach assigned to them to deliver all the Coaching calls. A programming manager will also work alongside the Health Coach to help put together, develop and deliver the personalised health plan.

Dependant on the unique needs of the client, a specialist in specific areas of health may be called upon to assist the client in changing.

What health outcomes should I expect from the Health Coaching program?

The health outcomes an employee should expect are the objectives set out with the Health Coach in the consultation phase, whilst being aligned with the companies objectives.

Who is the workplace wellbeing program for?

Because every health plan and coaching session is truly bespoke to each employee, Health Coaching can be utilised by all types of people and businesses whether historically fit and healthy or with a chronic disease history.

The biggest financial benefit for companies will come from working with the most in need employees that need targeted, specialist support.

How long is the workplace Well-being program?

We recommend a program of Health Coaching to last a 6 month minimum term to give new healthy habits time to form and embed into a persons sub-conscious brain.

These new habits of behaviour and lifestyle will ensure further continued progress and results long after the program has finished.

Is there a trial period for business?

Yes we provide a 100% money back guarantee for all wellbeing programs if the company isn’t satisfied after an agreed initial period of Coaching.

Why should we trust Strealth to run our business well-being program?

Strealth was formed in 2023 to meet the new needs of employees post COVID-19. Our coaching and training methods for employee health and wellbeing however have been implemented for over 15 years.

All coaches are highly qualified and experienced in steering people to a better, healthier, happier life.

We have an authentic principle based team with a real passion and conviction to help our workplaces become healthier and less costly to society.

We strive to become a trusted extension of your HR team uncovering unique staffing insights that can be used to improve policy and governance up-stream.

Is the Health Coaching Program delivered remotely or face to face?

All Health Coaching is delivered remotely through phone calls, video calls and a Coaching Application to help ensure we remain accessible to all people in all companies creating a secure private environment for people to open up and build trust with our coaches.

The remote program is ideal for any working model whether that be working remotely or in a hybrid model.

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