Last longer, be quicker & feel Stronger this season in 24/25

You’re only as good as your last performance, so make this season your BEST by investing in the weaker areas of your game.

  • Build more muscle to increase your physicality on the pitch
  • Increase your top speed so you can stay one step ahead of your opposite number
  • Get injured less by improving joint stability and health
  • Be the MVP on your team by being and feeling at your optimal week in week out
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Experience the performance benefits from our Athlete Perform Better Program

3 outcomes guaranteed to transform your 2024/25 season.

  1. Having a professional Strength and Conditioning Coach monitor and guide you will elevate your desire and motivation to work hard off the field

2. With a structured, periodised weekly plan you will gain massive certainty and confidence in what you should be doing, when you should be doing it, and why its important

3. Going into the season armed with the skills and tactics you need to remain injury free and competitive, is empowering and exciting

BONUS ADD ON: FREE Performance Nutrition support for 4 weeks upon sign on

As well as access to our Athlete Perform Better Program you will get complimentary performance nutrition coaching for the first 4 weeks, further supercharging early gains in off field performance.

Strength and Conditioning Coaching & Support just like the Pro’s.

Get a step ahead of the competition

Take control over your strength and fitness outside of team training nights and accelerate your ability to stay one step ahead of your competition.

Just turn up and DO!

Procrastination kills training intensity! Take away the thinking element with our coaching by just turning up and following the program on that day.

Enjoy the variety & challenge

Get excited about your gym work with a variety of training programs and enjoy the fitness challenges we set for you to keep you motivated and progressing.


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What’s included in the Athlete Perform Better Program?

Athlete Perform Better Strength & Conditioning Program

This Athlete Perform Better Program will provide you with concrete building blocks to allow for optimum performance during the season.

Program benefits:

  • Weekly plans in Strength & Conditioning giving you the certainty you’re in expert hands
  • Tracking metrics so you know your progress at all times
  • Entirely personalised so you get uber high value & personal attention for your money
  • Level 4 S&C Coaches on your side with regressions and progressions baked in so you can learn at your own speed
  • A FREE 4 week Sports Nutrition program so you can supercharge your initial gains

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