Putting People in Workplaces First With Personalised Coaching and Wellbeing.

We value the power of human-centricity and believe preventative health and wellbeing needs elevating within businesses and society.

Our Vision

To educate, influence and challenge workplaces and their people to value their health and wellbeing on a higher plane and understand the importance of personalisation and accountability as ownership on long-term results.

With our inside-out paradigm to health we believe every person in every workplace should be able to enjoy the freedom and fruits of living a healthier life.

Companies have a moral and ethical duty to help deliver this.

Our Values

Proactive Preventative Health

Collaboration and Team Work

Aligned Planning

Trust based Coaching

Healthy Habit Forming

Results with Consistency

Health Freedom

Whole-Person Paradigm

Self-discipline Development


Freedom and Power of Choice

Our Mission

To excel in delivering individualised Health Coaching and Health Planning at scale within Workplaces to create an inclusive long term, habit based approach to health for all demographics.

This Coaching integration will entrench deeper meaningful Health and Wellbeing outcomes far beyond what single purpose health tools and/or facilities can.

Our success will be based on creating happier, healthier, more informed and more prosperous people through our Health Coaching and Planning Solutions.

Empowering businesses to influence employee health

As a human-centric health coaching business, we value principles that empower, strengthen and affirm workplace physical and mental wellbeing. Sticking to our core values ensures we deliver proactive wellbeing initiatives that get to the heart of why sickness and staff turnover is on the rise.

The healthier workplaces mission

Our mission is to partner with businesses that want to grow and do things differently, striving to reduce staff costs and improve productivity levels and engagement. We want to inspire and encourage forward-thinking businesses to take the foot off the brake and start investing very strategically and personally in their staff to uncover new opportunities for growth and profitability.

Want to engage your staff on a deeper level than your competitors could only dream of?

“Strealth was born from the aspirational idea of wanting to better steer businesses through the turbulence of staff wellbeing that is a result of uncertain wellbeing management”

Rich, Coach & CEO

Rich’s Aspiration

Professional athlete to personal trainer to company owner with a social mission to help people in businesses.

Hi i’m Rich, I founded Strealth on the idea that businesses are running out of ideas on how to best manage the complexities of employee wellbeing.

Many businesses are in a unique position to influence at scale the health of their people in and out of work, seeing a strong economical and human return if done well.

The problem is that the typical business is often unsure and overwhelmed by the complexity of health management, and they need a little help from a person who has carved out a career in preventative health and wellbeing.

My career path has seen me working within the health and wellbeing industry for the last 15 years, with 12 of those running a private personal training and gym business within Bristol, UK.

Prior to this, I was fortunate enough to work full-time as a professional rugby player for many clubs around the UK, which instilled a great deal of leadership skills, team skills and self-discipline for training and preventative health.

The knowledge I have gained as a professional athlete and a business owner, has directed me toward the mission of helping as many people as possible use the power of proactive health to lead a happier, healthier, more prosperous life as I have done.

The quickest and most effective route to doing this is through helping businesses with their staff health and wellbeing issues, by delivering effective health coaching at scale.

Strealth was born out of this idea and passion for a better future for people, businesses and society as a whole to regain control over their health with personalised health plans and coaching.

Until we meet,

Rich, Strealth CEO

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0117 374 7400

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RAB Health Coaching Ltd, No.4, Berkeley, Gloucestershire

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Strealth is a trading name under RAB Health Coaching Ltd